Memoirs: Some Biographical Notes  by Hilmar Alquiros alias Ebert alias Klaus

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The meaning of life is a life with meaning. h.a.

1950 April 11th, 12:00 (in Certificate!): Premature birth in Germany, 6 weeks fight for survival:

       Alternating night watches by both parents to monitor my breathing...

 Links: → Click the pics! :-)

1951 "Very early walking + talking" (Mother). A "portable walkie-talkie"! :-)

1952 The very oldest memory: at the kitchen table, with mother nearby, tiny toys in a black and gold Chinese(!) tea tin...

        Oldest memories: many in the first parents' house in Luisenthal/Völklingen

        before moving to grandfather's house, clear(!) memory of the eve of his death †29.11.1952(!).

1953 New house + beautiful, elongated garden with various fruit trees, sandbox, fish tank, at the beginning also chickens.

1955 Test to early enrollment - but physically too fragile - after surgery with sepsis.


1956 ff. Elementary school, Saar DialectHigh German. Our teacher sometimes played the violin! ¯

        Brother Günther, 9 years older: Boogie! Rock 'n Roll! Belafonte's Calypso! ¯

1959 'First Love': Rösli

    ff. [ Austria³ [ Switzerland [ Liechtenstein...


1960 - 68: Einstein-School Völklingen/Saarland (9 grades, 8 y.). French, Latin. Chess with father + brother + friends.

1960 Meningitis, headaches for 4 years: reading painful. But the blessings of Classic music!¯ Mozart, Beethoven, Bach! ¯

1962 ff. family research... Paternal and maternal line back to 1600(!).

       Oldest grave (historically protected cemetery):

                   →   1715 „No 257“ = Margareta Ebertz nèe. ? * ~1660 - †16.9.1715 Alken / River Mosel, Germany.

                                                                                                   Graves next to chapel on the hill, listed, 2009 still preserved!

1964 Chess club!

1965 College level: Mathematics / Physics branch, pocket money by teaching Mathematics Calculus + complex numbers


1965 - 68: 1st Girl friend! Beate

       Track & Fields! 'Anti-gravity experiment'. :-)

        Local chess champion. →

        Reading Einstein & Freud, Philosophers, modern textbooks on General Psychology. Final decision for…

1968 University: ...Psychology + Philosophy!

        Self-taught English1: reading.

1969 Higher statistics, Variance + Factor analysis. ü Feldberg/Black Forest. First publication! [ E.

        Sister in spirit Edna! → 1983!


1970 Bachelor level exams.  & Methodenkritisches Experiment zum Semantischen Differential.

1971 (!) 1st Marriage... G.

1972 Master level exams. Painter Otto Lackenmacher, Saarbrücken/Berlin.

       Encountering the deep wisdom of Dàodéjīng 道 德 經 by Lǎozĭ  老子.

1972 Father       &      * Niece Kerstin

1973 & Untersuchungen zur Zahlenfolgeninduktion.

        Psychologist at 22(!) beautiful Münster!

1974 Mother Doctorate postponed, specialized education: Vocational Psychology for all kinds of challenged fellow human beings... 1982!

        & Einige Lerneffekte bei Aufgaben zur Zahlenfolgeninduktion.

1975 Scientific and other publications. ü Texel/Netherlands.


1977 ff. Children ❤❤, family life. → 

        Problem solving championship in German + Austrian (IQ-) MENSA (win). More chess publications.

1977 ff. Experimental research for doctorate: early using Trimodal factor analysis. Prof. Peter R. Orlik + Prof. Werner H. Tack.

1978 ff. Founder of Internat. Chess prize "Wenigsteiner-Jahrespreis".

        03/10 Scientific encounter (Prof. Claus, Informatik, univ. Dortmund) with legendary former World Chess champion Botvinnik(!)

        + Estrin, World Correspondence Chess champion.

        Das Patt im Wenigsteiner.

1979 Consulting: companies + authorities... Research in Gorgeous Mittenwald, highest(!) German village!


1980 Scientist, opinion research in famous Institute Allensbach at Lake Constance (Prof. Noelle-Neumann!). Internat. Symposia.

        6.-13.9. Permanent Commission of the F.I.D.E for Chess Compositions ü Wiener Neustadt, Austria

1981 Internat. Chess problem solving in Andernach: Win ahead world champion, Prof. H. Axt. Prizes for chess compositions.

       Simultaneous chess exhibitions.

               →   Regional blitz chess champion.

1982 Ästhetik des Denkens.

        & 395 Zuglängenrekorde.  & Orthodoxe Zuglängenrekorde im Wenigsteiner - Anhang.

        ff. Career change to:

        Applied Psychology: >30,000 clients = all kinds of challenged fellow human beings:

        physical + mental disabilities, accidents, diseases, brain damages, traumata...

        ability tests + deep talks, rehabilitation + new educations(!) paid by the German government.

1983 ff. Higher Federal Official.

        Poetry publications and book editing in ü Berlin, with author + lifelong sisterly friend Edna!

        100 Classics of the Chessboard.  

        & 100 merkwürdige Wenigsteiner. & Das Vielväterproblem. & 100 Klassische Wenigsteiner.

1984 [ ü Berlin. & Poetry readings.

       [ X.  Tai Chi! 太極拳太极拳Tàijíquán...

1985 [ M. ü Paris....  太极拳 with Chinese master.

1985 - 91 Maria Common law marriage + family life Aachen = 'Aix-la-Chapelle': main residence of Charlemagne(!):


1985 ü New York: city + state.


inside! & outside!

1986 - 1990 North Sea! ü Sylt ü Amrum ü Baltrum ü Norderney ü Wangerooge ü Juist ü De Haan... ü Mallorca.

1986 1125 Zuglängenrekorde.

       ü Greetsiel with Norderney + Juist.

1987 200 Ausgewählte Schachaufgaben. & Hauchzart. & Achilles-Verse. & Wir-Gefühle. & Mensch-einwärts. & Weibliche Logik.

1988 & Kronjuwelen. & Kleinode.

       ü Sylt.

1989 Das Vielväterproblem.  →    


1990 ü Juist.

         Author: Books, articles, short stories, poems...

1991 ...forever friends!

1992 ff. Two Book Series:

        4 in "Four men only"

         5 in "He-Chess")  Magnum opus in chess:

              → 262+420+400+460+576 = 2,118 p.

1992  & Articles + Collections. ~1000 Chess Compositions / Prizes. & Rekorde-Datenbank im Wenigsteiner.

1992 ff. Chinese studies with 孙炜 Sūn Wěi

1992 09/24: Legendary genius Sir Peter Ustinov (!) in Aachen → With talk + exchange of booklets.

1993 - 94 Scientist S. / Asia.

1994 Ma², Mo.

1995 [ D., G., Salzburg/Austria.

        Top Helpmates. Kombiniere Matt.

       & Neue Rekorde-Datenbank im Wenigsteiner.


1996 ü Hamburg, [ Sabine, Dr. med. Polyglot - ü Lake of Constance.

       Moderne Kleinkunst.

1997 Kegelschach.   Mate in 9 moves!

             Hotel manager Annette, Düsseldorf + Aachen.

1998 ü North Sea.

1999 2nd Marriage in ü Las Vegas(!).


2000 → *50. = Last(!) Simultaneous chess exhibition: ü

        First contact with (Ex-) World champion Garri Kasparov in his extremely strong simul (against 40) in ü Frankfurt!

        Tao of Wisdom Project’: New, deeper Dàodéjīng 道 德 經 studies, literature, 2 books + comprehensive website:

        on the most translated book ever(!) (except of the bible).

2001 Early Helpmates.

       New house in Düsseldorf, Hotel ownership participation. ü

2002 Simul Draw(!) with world champion challenger Shirov! Celebrating his 30th birthday, 3 hours' talk.

       1000 Väter.

       In 2 cities... hotel life ('more hotel than life')... Separation Divorce...

       Back to Beautiful Aachen! ... [ D. Georgette "European-African-Asian Year"... :-)

         Love of my life: Lilian Asuncion Alquiros 💕  

                                                                                                                 Our look into the common future! :-)


2003 ü Brügge [Bruges]/Belgium. ü De Haan/Belgium.

        ü New Jersey, USA: Family Christmas + New Year's Eve

2004 Engagement + 3rd Marriage 💕!

      'Start to' ~ 20 ü Vacations in all best European places - favorites:

       ü Malta! ü Venice ü Barcelona ü Rome/Vatican ü Sylt ü Berlin ü Munich + Castles.

       ü Prague ü Paris ü London ü Amsterdam ü Salzburg ü Athens... and more.

2004 ü Altenkessel/Saarbrücken ü Saarschleife = Saar Loop ü Sylt Island/North Sea.

2005 Online publication projects.

        Long-standing interest in cosmology, relativity and quantum physics.

        Ontology, Eastern + Western Philosophy of Nothingness .

2005 ü Malta!  ü Monschau/Eifel  ü Cologne.


2006 Minimalkunst im Schach.

       ü Malta!  ü Altenkessel/Saarbrücken ü Altenberge ü Münster ü Berlin ü Bonn.

2007 ü Venice ü Eyneburg ü Athens ü Malta!

2008 Self-taught English2: writing...

        Das Tao der Weisheit. 道 德 經 Chinese-German. Bilingual: literal, analogous, poetical. 548 pp.


      ü Amsterdam ü Banneux ü Brussels ü Cologne ü Maastricht ü Paris ü Romantic Rhine River.

      ü Vaals, Dreiländereck ü Sylt ü Baasweiler ü Bonn

2009 The Tao of Wisdom. 道 德 經 Chinese-English-German, trilingual(!): 600 pp. ü


       ü Kornelimünster ü Roetgen ü Eschweiler ü Blausteinsee ü Rome + Vatican ü Vaals ü Jülich ü Cologne.


2010 Planning the Philippines: 4 x to, 3 x fro...(!) = 2 vacations + 1 birthday surprise (Lilian's Ma)

        Publications: 3 pen names! Ebert Klaus Alquiros!

        ü Venice ü Hoensbroek ü Nideggen.

2011 Fabel-Schach / 'Fabel 2.0' online.  

        Great Vacation tour:

       ü Philippines² ü Manila ü Tagaytay ü Eupen ü Düsseldorf.

2012 ü Philippines² ü Mauban ü Venlo ü Berlin ü Dresden ü Potsdam ü Prague ü London ü Cologne ü Barcelona ü Madrid.

2013 ü Valkenburg ü Monschau ü Keukenhof ü Witten ü Hamburg ü Munich ü Salzburg.

        Retirement - Still heart-warming contacts to several assistants!

2013 ü The Big Move! Philippines! (click)

        CoolLucban / Quezon Province. Self-taught(!) English3 (speaking fluently).

        ü Manila ü Liliw ü Tagaytay ü Cagbalete ü Pagbilao...

2014 Lucban History Book! by Prof. Sanz (one of a kind!) rediscovered, extremely rare copies/USA, donations Mayor + Town!

2014 Dream house at the foot of the Banahaw Volcano...


                           + Garden   

      ... in Lukban Highlands!

                              House blessing


2016 Poetic(!) Dàodéjīng 道 德 經 translations , German and English, new:

        a) with bold-typed corresponding Chinese characters(!),

        b) comparison of the 6 ancient source texts by colors(!).

2018 'Patchwork body, Porsche engine' :-) 4 more survivals 7th-10th = Cancer² surgery & Iatrogenic diseases(!):

        Multi-resistant bacteria + septic shock from ICU!), bradycardia <35 heartbeats/min. for 1 year (from 2 medications!). Prepared...

        Grave No 17 (my favorite number!), Serenia Park , Lucban! But... Pearly Gates: "back to your Destiny!" :-)

2019 Dàodéjīng 道 德 經 online completed! Magnum opus in Philosophy of wisdom:

       >2000 pp. >250,000 readers: Wikipedia, China, top rankings. 


             The Tao of Dào! Most comprehensive content analysis (Thanks, Karl Jaspers!).


2020 'Biblical age'! Pandemic Period...

         Passing the baton: Three large online projects: W, T, F :-) into younger world class hands!

        ff. Nights and Days. Memoirs, anecdotes, reflections.

        → 💕

2021 Last Last will!

        Practical & computer projects...

        Donations in addition to my dear wife's Plant sales project = 100%(!) for poor, old, sick fellow human beings!

2022 "2nd Retirement!" :-)

       20 years Hil & Lil 💕

       50 academic years!

        Dàodéjīng Übersetzung. + Kommentar + Dàodéjīng Translation. + Commentary.

       Rare 'Local' activity(!): Excel program for Lilian's work as Lukban Highlands' Auditor... A 'unique' experience...! :-)

2023 A very productive year:

        a) Repairs, repainting: House, roof,  walls + fences "My home is my Castle!"

        b) Advice + Donations, Healthcare + Humor, Love + Memoirs...!

        c) Writing more Memoirs! Full of Magic Moments

                                Günther 10 80

        d) Three books!

         #521 Quantum Future:  The Foundation of Our Universe and its Fields of Application in Present and Future.*

         #522 Nothingness and Being. Potentialities of Ontological Evolution*

         #527 Death. A Phenomenon with Many Aspects.

         & Death and Humor

         & Death and Poetry

        > 20 books

        >500 publications


59 years young!



2025 75?!




           'While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.' - Leonardo da Vinci.



           It's all about...



There is no word for it to say it

Togetherness comes close -

There are no scales to proper weigh it

No paintings fairly to portray it

So great and so grandiose...


There is no phrase for it to trace it

Affinity, it shows -

No life as long as to embrace it

No honoring enough to grace it

How blossoming this rose...


No book might ever comprehend it

As destiny, it flows -

No limitation to transcend it

No space and time to ever end it

As inner light, it glows...


Hilmar Alquiros, 2022



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