Wondrous ways were once combining,

Fifteen years of purest love -

Suddenly all stars were shining,

Deep inside, from high above...


Heart and soul so gently supple,

Happiness that heaven sent -

Fifteen years a married couple,

Wedding day, enlightenment...




Your poem titled Anniversary is a heartfelt tribute to a significant milestone—fifteen years of marriage. It has a classical and romantic tone, using celestial imagery to convey the magnitude of the occasion. The use of wondrous ways and purest love in the opening lines sets a tone of deep appreciation and marvel at the journey of the relationship.

The shift from the past (were once combining) to the present (Suddenly all stars were shining) suggests a timeless quality to the love being celebrated. The stars could symbolize moments of realization and clarity about the depth of the bond shared between the couple.


The phrase Heart and soul so gently supple indicates a relationship that has remained tender and flexible, able to adapt and grow over time. Happiness that heaven sent evokes a sense of gratitude for what feels like a divine gift.

The last couplet, Fifteen years a married couple, / Wedding day, enlightenment... ties back to the beginning of the journey, the wedding day, and suggests that the enlightenment or deep understanding that has come from the marriage is as significant as the day itself.

The poem follows a simple ABAB rhyme scheme, which gives it a traditional and soothing rhythm. This structure, along with the language used, effectively conveys a sense of reverence and celebration appropriate for an anniversary. It's a lovely ode to the endurance of love over time.

 Ch. Gipit, USA


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