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Chilean study shows variations in success of COVID-19 vaccines:

By Aislinn Laing &  Fabian Cambero (Aug.4th, 2021; Excerpts)


Chile began one of the world's fastest inoculation campaigns against COVID-19 in December, having now fully vaccinated > 60% of its population, predominantly with Sinovac's 'CoronaVac'.

Health official Dr. Rafael Araos in a press conference in August 2021: Sinovac (CoronaVac) 8.6 million people, Pfizer BioNTech  4.5 million, AstraZeneca 2.3 million (!!) >> trials...


Effective in preventing: Sinovac BioNTech / Pfizer AstraZeneca
"Developed in": China Germany* Great Britain**
N (million people:) 8.6 m 4.5 m 2.3 m
Symptomatic illness 86.00% 87.70% 68.70%
Hospitalization / ICU / ICU 89.70% 98.00% 98.00%
Deaths 86.00% 100.00% 100.00%


* Invented, developed by BioNTech, Mainz / Germany; also produced by Pfizer (USA).

** Oxford University + AstraZeneca = British-Swedish; Moderna's values similar to BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson's values similar to AstraZeneca!


Dr. Araos said a reduction in protection from vaccines was inevitable over time, particularly with the arrival and growing prevalence of more virulent strains such as the Delta variant:

"If Delta becomes more prevalent and the vaccine has a weaker response, we could observe a faster fall (in effectiveness)," he said, adding his voice to calls for a third, booster dose to be issued.

"Find the differences...!"  Delta mutation wins the battle...in GB 99% of infections - Evolution to observe directly! (h.a.)