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MEDICAL News from WHO = World Health Organization on Omicron:


1) "The number of infections with the coronavirus is currently rising to new highs in numerous countries, including the USA, France and Great Britain. In most countries, the Omicron variant is already predominant. Although many infections with the new mutant appear to be milder, the spread of the virus poses a considerable risk."


2) The Omicron variant is spreading rapidly, increasing the risk of a new mutant: The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of the emergence of even more dangerous virus variants. [one already found in France! - h.a.]

The more Omicron spreads and multiplies, "the more likely it is to give rise to a new variant," WHO emergency expert Catherine Smallwood told the AFP news agency Tuesday.


3) "We are in a very dangerous phase," Smallwood stressed. "We are seeing very sharp increases in infection rates in Western Europe, the impact of which is not yet clear." While the risk of having to go to the hospital if infected with Omicron is probably lower "on an individual basis" than with the previously dominant Delta variant, Smallwood said.

However, Omicron may pose a greater risk overall because of its proliferation, he said. "With a large increase in the number of cases, there are likely to be many more people who will become severely ill, need to be hospitalized or possibly die," Smallwood said. The expert pointed to the extreme increase in cases of infection in Europe in the final days of 2021 alone." [WHO / Reuters...]



a) Not for old age, comorbidities, immune deficiencies etc.

b) "A large-scale study at Hamburg University Hospital, Germany provides new insights into the consequences of surviving corona infections: According to the study, even mild courses of the disease can damage organs such as the lungs, heart and kidneys. Even mild courses of COVID-19 can cause damage to organs.

Researchers at the University Medical Center Hamburg, have come to this conclusion. For example, the virus can impair the functions of the HEART, LUNGS, and KIDNEYS in the medium term, according to the scientists in their study. In addition, the mild and moderate courses were accompanied by clustered signs of leg vein thrombosis, the hospital said." *


Premature overly optimistic announcements that Omicron with many milder courses already meant the imminent end of the pandemic (e.g. FOX News, the ultra-right US channel), seduce to careless behavior with masks and distance and vaccination readiness!

First, the possibly faster contagion means many victims, only in countries with high vaccination rate AND high willingness to protect themselves, the faster and in healthy and younger people milder course can help for the transition from pandemic to endemic.

Currently, booster vaccination as soon as possible is the best measure to protect yourself, your family and your beloved country! (h.a.)


Both parents (with 4 children!) died on the same day because they "did not believe" in vaccinations....: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/coronavirus/southern-california-coronavirus/couple-dies-same-day-covid-vaccine-unvaccinated-loma-linda/2787838/