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 In my youth, at the tender age of 15, I had three clear wishes for life’s fairy godmother. Despite my success in a special class for mathematics and physics, and completing my school a year early, my heart was set on studying psychology and philosophy. This decision, fueled by early readings of many relevant works, set me on a path to pursue these studies swiftly and effectively, first earning a diploma and then embarking on a second scientific journey for a doctoral degree in psychology.

 My second dream was to become a freelance author, with a particular focus on non-fiction books and articles spanning various topics. Though my classmates often teased me about this ambition, I eventually proved it right.

 The third wish, concerning life and love, was the most profound. In my culture, it's said: “Love is not everything in life, but without love, everything is nothing.” The desire to share life in love with a partner, and perhaps with children, was a yearning the fairy godmother of life seemed to understand instantly.

 Life accelerated rapidly from there. At 22, I achieved my first dream, becoming a psychologist (as the youngest at my university). However, life's unpredictable nature soon became apparent. Within just a year and a half, I endured the heartbreaking loss of both beloved parents. An early marriage blessed me with two gifted sons, but the relationship, marred by her infidelity, eventually became more of a nightmare than a dream, ending in divorce. After several mostly good relationships, some evolving into deep friendships or ending due to the challenges of distance, true love finally found me at the age of 52, marking the blissful beginning of Phase 2 with my beloved wife, Lilian, a German Filipina.


 After completing my doctorate in experimental psychological research, I found myself feeling somewhat unfulfilled by the work in research institutes. I yearned for a more direct connection with people, to use psychology in a way that tangibly benefited individuals like you and me.

 This longing has led me down a long road as a practicing psychologist. In this role, I encountered a diverse array of individuals grappling with all kinds of physical or psychological disabilities, to the aftermath of accidents and illnesses, and numerous other challenges. My team and I have dedicated ourselves to providing comprehensive scientific advice and psychological expertise to offer a new, scientifically tailored, government-funded education and thus a new, self-determined life.

 Over four decades, I've had tens of thousands of such encounters. The psychological reports alone filled 60 thick volumes. Each page in these volumes tells a touching story of a life, a journey of renewed hope and empowerment. These experiences have profoundly shaped my understanding of resilience and the human spirit.


 I found solace and joy in writing. Over time, I wrote more than 25 books and many other publications - my brainchildren, each a testament to my second dream fulfilled. In my youth, I was a regional chess champion, but I soon transitioned from the smoke-filled tournament halls to the sanctified realms of writing and teaching, also about chess: ten books and more.

 My writings often reflected the ethics of Jesus and increasingly, the unique wisdom of Lao Tzu. I found the concepts of naturalness and harmony in Daoist philosophy to be sophisticatedly simple yet breathtakingly beautiful, and deeply convincing as a role model, particularly in the context of today's global challenges. This philosophy, with its profound yet accessible wisdom, resonated with me and became a guiding principle in both my personal and professional life.

 After years of in-depth research, I have published several first-rate books and articles on Laozi's unique and poetic work, Daodejing - a work known as the most translated book of all time, next to the Bible. Each page of these volumes reflects not just a long list of case studies, but human lives that have touched me with their journeys of renewed hope and empowerment. My translations, analyses, and commentaries were an attempt to bring the timeless wisdom of Daoist philosophy to a contemporary audience, offering insights and perspectives that I found crucial in navigating the complexities of modern life.


 I am eternally grateful for this rich and fulfilling life, especially for the love of my life. The metaphorical, elongated garden of my childhood home was but a prelude to the intricate, beautiful garden of the human condition.



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