HER Sonnet!


A path of life, creating so much life:

Perhaps the deepest sense and holiest treasure,

Plus husbands, wives, and children - what a pleasure,

Yes… one of them is my beloved wife...


Eight decades' work and love in time and space,

In days and nights, with tears of joy and sorrow -

Great gifts for generations now to follow -

Have so fulfilled His plan, oh what a grace...


This wisdom means: to give more than to take,

You will get richer than by mindless matter -

May mean your grandchild's kiss much more and better…


A life on earth, and so for heaven's sake,

More: Mama's unconditional love and care -

A gift of God, to value and to share...


(= "Happy Eighty, Mama", June 28, 2011: To Mama with Love!   - Hilmar Alquiros





I didn’t see you

Up to now,

I didn’t hear you,

But I vow

That I feel near you,

You ask me, how?


You ask me, why?

I like the sky,

I like the Earth, too,

For you gave birth to

The Heaven in my life -

Your daughter and my wife …





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