Dr. Hilmar Alquiros, Lucban

A Wonderful Town!

Eine wunderbare Stadt!

 In 2011 and 2012 my dear wife Lilian and I spent vacations in Tagaytay and Lucban to compare and decide where we would live after my retirement in 2013 and...  LUCBAN was best in many ways!


 2011 und 2012 verbrachten meine liebe Frau Lilian und ich Urlaube in Tagaytay und Lucban, zu vergleichen und entscheiden, wo wir nach meiner Pensionierung 2013 leben würden und ...  LUCBAN war in vielerlei Hinsicht am besten!

 When we saw Lukban Highlands (already discovered on the internet in Germany!), near to Kamay ni Hesus /  Healing Church ... it took us less than 5 minutes to decide to buy our lots there! :-)


 Als wir die Lukban Highlands sahen (in Deutschland bereits im Internet entdeckt!), nahe Kamay ni Hesus /  Healing Church ... wir brauchten keine 5 Minuten, um uns zu entscheiden, unsere Grundstücke dort zu kaufen!  :-)


Ode to Lucban!


In Quezon Province, there's a town

Of beauty and of high renown,

Faith, Hope and Love, it rests upon -

The Capital of Arts - Lucban!


So, under a pomelo tree,

They chose the name Lucbán, you see!

In fifteen, seventy and eight:

Lucban was founded, small but great…


Well started by two friars now,

With sixteen hundred Christians’ vow!

Banahaw - its protecting tower,

Kamay ni Hesus' inner power!


Pahiyas and the Holy Week,

Look: millions find Lucban unique!

Good people everywhere, therefore

Lucban does flourish more and more


Three hunters looked for better signs

And found, like Shakespeare’s famous lines,

“The nightingale and not the lark…”,

Here: salacsác – and not uwák!


In Quezon Province, there's a town

Of beauty and of high renown,

Faith, Hope and Love, it rests upon -

The Capital of Arts - Lucban!

Hilmar Alquiros, May 17th 2020

The near beach in Mauban ...

... our 'humble hut' at the foot of the Banahaw volcano!


History of Lucban


 After some research on the internet I was lucky to rediscover a special book about the history of the town (1550-1900!) - apparently forgotten by the inhabitants, even history teachers, I could not find anyone who still knew about or even owned this single book on the history of Lucban!


Geschichte Lucbans


 Nach einigen Recherchen im Internet hatte ich das Glück, ein spezielles Buch über die Geschichte der Stadt (1550-1900!) wieder zu entdecken - offenbar von den Einwohnern, sogar Geschichtslehrern vergessen, ich konnte niemanden finden, der noch von diesem einzigen Buch über die Geschichte Lucbans wusste oder es gar besaß!

 Later I was able to find and buy two copies in the USA to donate them to this wonderful town, now in Museum (Cornelio "Jojo" Raneses) and Library of Lucban (you can read it there!).


 Später konnte ich zwei Exemplare in den USA finden und kaufen, um sie dieser wunderbaren Stadt zu schenken, die sich jetzt im Museum (Cornelio "Jojo" Raneses) und in der Bibliothek von Lucban befindent (Sie können es dort lesen!).

The unique and priceless Book of Lucban's history

Das einmalige, unschätzbare Buch über Lucbans Geschichte.

Cornelio "Jojo" Raneses, Mayor Olivier Dator, h.a.

Cornelio Raneses, Mayor Agustin "Tenten" Villaverde, h.a.


Mother's Prayer


Virus, virus, do not come

Into our house –

Skip me, as a rule of thumb,

And my kids and spouse!


Virus, virus, be so kind

Wait for ways and means -

Spare us here and all mankind,

Till we have vaccines!


Virus, virus, take your time

In Lucban to enter -

Note, protecting and sublime,

Our Healing Center!


Hilmar Alquiros, 04/23/20


Ode to the Philippines!


This Eastern Pearl: the Philippines,

this masterpiece of nature wins

my heart and soul immediately:

breathtaking islands in the Sea...


This Eastern People: pious, poor,

and rich... their beauty! Oh, I'm sure:

a friendly God, almighty-wise,

created once this paradise...


This Eastern Spirit: high above

these charming miracles of love -

this Magic Pearl, so deep, so high:

no better place to live and die...!


Hilmar Alquiros 2011

Ode an die Philippinen!


 Des Ostens Perle: Philippinen,

Natur, als Meisterwerk erschienen,

rührt Herz und Seele mir sogleich:

den Atem nimmt dies Inselreich ...


 Des Ostens Menschen: fromm und arm,

und reich! ... ja, ihrer Schönheit Charme!

Ein weiser Gott, der freundlich schaut,

hat einst dies Paradies erbaut ...


 Des Ostens Geist: hat von da droben

der Liebeswunder Reiz gewoben,

welch Perle!, hoch wie tief Magie –

lässt leben gut und sterben sie ...


Hilmar Alquiros 2011


 ... The Philippines!

Germany ...


Talking with Mayor Dator about historical places in Germany:

where National hero Dr. José Rizal lived and studied, Memorials, Rizal Park, Rizal street, Rizal Knight Order ...

Berlin: we found the house where Rizal lived(!)





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