The true heroine of the year, Dr. Özlem Türeci, born in Germany by Turkish parents, studied in Saarland university Saarbrücken / med. in Homburg (as I did. :-)  )  Angela Merkel 'incredibly proud' of BioNTech founders


WHO (World Health Organization) grants EMERGENCY APPROVAL for the German BioNTech vaccine! [invented by our married(!) scientists Özlem Türeci + Uğur Şahin / pic].  Following the approval of the BioNTech Corona vaccine in several countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also given the green light for its use."  In addition to Germany and all European countries and some others already in Asia (distributed in USA via Pfizer), Germany offers this first approved high quality vaccine in principle to all countries - if they order it of course! (Philippines? - now more active planning!).

It granted emergency approval on New Year's Eve, it announced in Geneva. The WHO urged equitable distribution of the vaccine in all countries around the world... (with financial support to poor countries!) Like the regulatory agencies of individual countries, the WHO reviews scientific studies of new drugs or vaccines and weighs the risks of using them. WHO's Emergency Use Listing (EUL) allows UN agencies to purchase and distribute the vaccine.

Similarly, countries that do not have their own capacity for such scientific trials can grant approval in their country based on the WHO's preliminary work! (BILD, Germany, Jan. 1 2021).  With the modern genetic type without the virus itself (BioNTech plus now Moderna), it takes 2 vaccinations per person, 70% of the population, to end the pandemic soon, so 150 million doses for the Philippines as a whole. (h.a.)

COVID-19 Death Rate in EU + US: Death rate = per M (million)  Rapidly increasing death rates!

EU 01/02/2021
Italy  1321
Spain  1127
UK 1222
USA 1173
(many... ...more)
Germany  515
(many... ...more)
US:GE 228%
GE:US 44%


"More deaths in a single day than we had on 9/11 or in Pearl Harbor" -
In one day more than 3000 people in the USA die of Covid-19. Joe Biden calls the latest Corona figures "a tragic milestone":


The new German Heroes   Financial Times' People of the Year(!): BioNTech’s Pioneers

The true heroine of the year, Dr. Özlem Türeci, born in Germany by Turkish parents, Christian, studied coincidentally in the same university in Saarland (Saarbrücken / Homburg) as I did. :-)


German scientists Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin and his wife Dra. Özlem Türeci behind BioNTech vaccine
(Pfizer helped speed up the development process) say it could end pandemic!

The headquarters of BionTech is located in >2000 years old (!) city of MAINZ - where letterpress printing was invented by Gutenberg in 1450 🙂 

After Sunday night’s bombshell phone call, Şahin and Türeci, BioNTech’s chief medical officer, “celebrated a little”:

“My wife and I sat down, talked to each other and made cups of tea. The relief was a very good feeling.” 🙂

Proving 90% effective in stopping people from falling ill means much higher success rate than e.g. flu vaccines (!) - maybe also with annual vaccinations similarly to flu because of the mutations (first already discovered). - Many millions more (worldwide already > 1.3 millions!) will not die because of this historic invention.
300 million doses contract with EUrope. Contract with Brazil in the making. Hong Kong and Macau, China’s autonomous territories, have ordered 10 million doses of the corona-virus vaccine. It has signed a letter of intent to allow Hong Kong’s Jacobson Pharma to distribute the vaccine locally once it is available. Go ahead, Philippines!!
1300 million doses 2021(!).


BioNTech's Long-Term Dream: From Coronavirus to a Cancer Vaccine?

"The breakthrough achieved by BioNTech in the search for a coronavirus vaccine was actually just a spin-off from their real aim. The company is hoping to revolutionize the fight against cancer with its mRNA technology. The breakthrough may not only signify the beginning of the end of the corona crisis -- it could also end up radically changing the entire approach to vaccine development. People receiving serums developed with this technology are injected with a packaged molecule containing a construction blueprint in the form of messenger RNA, or mRNA. These molecules are absorbed by cells in the body, whereupon the mRNA prompts them to produce a specific protein. This protein, though, is "foreign" to the body and is attacked by immune cells -- thus developing immunity."

In one study, Türeci and Şahin administered the appropriate mRNA to 13 patients suffering from malignant melanoma, and found that each patient's immune system responded. Eight of them experienced no remission in the 12 to 23 months afterward. The treatment is unable to prevent cancer, but it could help treat it and to prevent metastasis." (Spiegel, Germany) (Spiegel, Germany).

BionTech was already successful with a new cancer medication. Now maybe some cancer vaccinations are reachable!


Young people all over the world are less careful with masks and distance, but even they are not protected from serious illness by age alone:

This little boy named Raiden, soon 5, LOST BOTH YOUNG PARENTS, Mariah and Adan, who looked so strong... within 4 months because of COVID-19!

Be all consistent - and God bless you.




     Germany:  Why relatively lower?! "EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM"... and many more factors:


EARLY measures: Jan., with science (Chancellor physicist, Quantum chemist)      [USA, UK ~50 days delayed, against scientists' advice!]

11 % GDP on health care per capita per year: Nurses 13.2, physicians 4.2/1,000 people (among top countries)

Hospital beds / 1,000 = 8.3,  (2.8 in US), ~200 coordinated labs for SARS-CoV-2-testing,

Low wait times: for specialists, surgeries...
Complete Health Care for all: ~90 % nonprofit nongovernmental, ~10 % private (restriction-free + consumer-oriented)


Life Expectancy at birth: 2018 = 81.

Maternal mortality:/100,000 live births: 2017 = 7 (cf. USA 2016 = 16.9.  [Phil. 2017 = 121]


Source:     Learn more about Worldometer's COVID-19 data!




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