"What's in a Name?" Shakespeare

        (mein) "Name (-nswechsel!) ist Schall und Rauch"! Goethe           "My first name remained, guys!" :-) "Mein Vorname blieb, Leute!" :-)


  Now at the age of 70 years for the first time revealed(!) MENSA(no) in corpore (in)sano: A gift from heaven to compensate for a lifetime of illnesses...


  1983: Hilmar Ebert, IQ 160*  Retirement: much reduced?!! ~2013: Hilmar Alquiros, IQ 162* 
  Whew! ... still working! Hey, it's not my merit - it's my parents'...


                  "I'm a very stable genius!"


Tests without "Ceiling Effect" = just below a too low maximum:

*   Cattell CFT = Culture Fair Intelligence Test  here part 2: (Total sum higher, as both are rarely as high!).
** European IQ-test 
wrong: 18,26,28,32 :-)


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