Hilmar Ebert

Saarbrücker Zeitung 1995*


  #12 - Mate in 12 moves

(Kf2, Tc2, Lh7, Bb5 - Kb1, La1, Bb2, b6, b7, f3) **


  1.Ke3?, Kxf3?

  1.Te2+? Ka2! (1…Kc1? 2.Te1+ Kd2 3.Lb1 Kc3 4.Te4 Kd2(!) 5.Tc4 Kd1 6.Kxf3 Kd2 7.Kf2 Kd1 8.Ke3 Ke1 9.Tf4 Kd1 10.Tf1#




  * private Weihnachtspost 1994 / private Christmas Card 1994

  ** Cook without Bb7! ... full computer proof of correctness not possible up to now!!

 © Dr. Hilmar Alquiros The Philippines 2002 ff.